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Moi moi Mikkeli

Now that my ERASMUS semester is over and fourth year is being thrust upon me, I have changed the subject matter of this blog to be more focused on my Final Year Design Project.  On this blog, if time permits, I will post various pieces of research or ideas that may be helpful toward my project. Over the coming weeks, the research stages will be well underway. Although I have some preliminary research completed, I have not even scratched the surface of the project. However, hopefully this will all change once my modules start again in a couple of weeks.

And now, a final note on my ERASMUS:

Although I felt at some times throughout the months leading towards my ERASMUS that it might be better in the long run to gain some industry experience rather than attending a university in another country, I felt that there was no guarantee that I would not be photocopying and getting people coffee, rather than seeing any aspect of design or engineering in industry. Regardless of whether or not this would be the case, I am extremely content with my overall ERASMUS experience. The people I met were absolutely fantastic, both inside and outside of the University there. The lecturers and students were very hospitable and helpful. Balancing both project deadlines and cultural experiences was not without challenge, but thankfully the culture was everywhere. The projects themselves were very interesting. Although there were some similarities between the projects in Finland and Ireland, it was up to the student how to proceed with them.  There were many other different ways to approach projects in Finland, and it was fascinating to explore there. Some projects required the student to find a topic to research, and to make a schedule relating to research, hand ins, time management, and the amount of work one wanted to put in. But it was very easy to make time for the projects as the facilities made available were excellent.

As with the culture side of things, Mikkeli was a town steeped in history and culture. Not only that, it was not too far away from Helsinki, the country’s capital. From statues to parks, galleries to museums, cathedrals to libraries, Mikkeli’s culture was an experience one could get lost in, and still be only five minutes away from home. As with the university side of things, if there was anything wrong, or if there were any questions to be asked, there was always someone nearby to help.

Grades and culture aside, Finland featured stunning vistas that change drastically from season to season, but which each season brings different beauty, which I could talk about forever.

In closing; Facilities – Excellent, People – Lovely, Culture – Fantastic, Environment – Stunning


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Better Decals

Behold, a better version of the Shampoo Bottles in my last post:

Better? I hardly know her!

Also, here is my final deliverable for the Smart Kitchen project for Seppo’s class!

Project Edesia – Eoin White

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It's a Beautiful Day

It’s been too long since I last posted here, so I’ll sum up everything very quickly:

Our newest design project is to design a shampoo bottle as if another company designed them. At the moment I’ve settled on designing mine after Tokyoflash. Here’s one of my concepts that I’ve already disregarded:

The silly decals didn't render correctly 😦

I was in last weeks newspaper, for an art exhibit the other Irish guys and I was apart of. Our lecturer asked me if I would agree to be interviewed about my piece because she really liked it.. I said yes of course..! Here I am 😀

It was a slow news day.

The exhibition opening was lovely, and tons of people came to see it! I am very grateful to be a apart of it.

We’re nearing the submission date for out Specialization of Industrial Design class, and there is still plenty of work to be done. We all had to research and come up with a project to do ourselves. I decided to create a Design Manual. It’s something I’ve never done before so I’m all for trying new things.. I also made up a company for it, do you like my logo?

Why did I ask that? You can't answer!

What else.. what else.. Rhino class is awesome 🙂

I know I’m forgetting stuff, but I’m sure I will post it as soon as I think of it…

As always, ignore everything above,


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